After crossing the finish line on the first day, all drivers must proceed directly to the impound area and park their machine until wrench time begins. Crews must remain outside the impound area with tools and parts in hand until a Race Official gives the signal to begin wrenching. Allotted wrench time is 60 minutes at which time all parts and tools must be removed and machines cannot be touched until Day 2. NOTE: We will have security on site guarding the impound area over night in order to safeguard the race vehicles.

You are allowed to have 2 crew members working on the truck in the impound. You can have as many other crew members running parts or tools outside the impound. You are able to give a part to another crew member outside the impound so he can take it to his trailer and work on it and return it.

We recommend that you put all your support equipment – tools , parts & supplies on a plastic sled to bring them into the impound. Space will be tight and we will not allow support trucks/pit utv’s to  be backed up into the impound area.

All trucks must pass safety inspection the next morning- crews make sure all your lights , window nets and chase bar lights are working.

Any race trucks that are not repaired in the 1 hour impound can elect to finish the repairs, and the added time to finish the repairs will be added to your next days time. This includes repairs made to any safety equipment.

NOTE: if you require more time to finish repairs on your truck after impound closes, you must get ahold of a Race Official to get approval. If you do not get approval you will not be allowed to start the second day.


  • Any hand tools
  • Cordless tools – impacts- drills .
  • Portable air tank (no compressors, no air tools)
  • Jacks & Jack stands
  • Work mats
  • Work lights


  • Spark plugs
  • Filters
  • Clutch assemblies- primary and secondary
  • Belts
  • Drive chains
  • Drive sprockets
  • Shock assemblies
  • A-arms
  • Drive shafts
  • U joints
  • Ball joints
  • Batteries
  • Safety equipment
  • Tires and wheels
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust


  • Engine cannot be replaced and can not be opened up
  • Fuel tank or fuel cell cannot be replaced or repaired.
  • Frame repairs of any kind
  • No welders
  • No torches
  • No air compressors
  • No generators
  • No re fueling- we will allow time for top off of fuel, warm up & de-ice in morning.