RTC Events is developing & promoting a completely new UTV racing venue in the Midwest called the ICEMAN Series.   Our family has been racing snowmobiles, motorcycles, and UTV’s for over 35 years and through RTC Events we’ve created a new and very unique space in UTV ice racing.  The sidebar video is the inspiration behind the ICEMAN 500 – our Dad, Bob “RJ” Carlson headed up Enduro Team Deere when John Deere manufactured snowmobiles.  In the mid 70’s he brought snowmobile racing to Balsam Lake with the Balsam Lake Classic, with some 150 drivers competing for a $5,000 winner take all purse.

We wanted to bring racing back to Balsam Lake but with a whole new venue – studded up UTV’s running 100+mph. So around October every year, after the TORC series has wrapped up and drivers are feeling race withdrawals, we start getting questions about our ice racing series and pretty soon racers are back in their shop studding up tires and prepping their rigs for our winter season race series.  If you’ve never raced UTV’s on ice, this is an entirely different driving experience and comparable in style and thrill to Formula 1 or LeMans racing. Speeds in excess of 100MPH, sharp hair pin turns and fast sweepers are a few of the highlights but not to be missed are the technical and demanding physical aspects of winning (even completing) our 500 mile ICEMAN 500. Pit crew coordination, belt life, limited wrench time for day 2 and more.  And don’t forget the weather, which is why we call this the ICEMAN Series, because no matter if its -20 and snowing 3 inches per hour, the race goes on and only the toughest ICEMEN cross the finish line! Truly a race of attrition.